Casa rural El Nogal de Laguna

Asador de leña

Tasting the Rioja traditional cuisene, meat and fish grilled at the embers prepare with care, in a grill restaurant, is a pleasure for senses.

The Wallnut Tree is a little gastronomical space to enjoy a relaxing time around the table with family and friends. Five tables we tend with esmero where you can contemplate the spectacle of incandescent embers. We are very excited about sharing this place with every one; the Cottage and simple and natural food of grandmamies fashion.

For grilling the local meat, we use the Sierra de la Demanda forest wood, of course it comes from controlled logging, each Laguna neightbour has a measure, it has been always like that, in armony with nature.

If you would like to enjoy a nice food, a good Rioja wine and an excellent company, we expect you at the Wallnut Tree in Laguna de Cameros.